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Latent Fingerprint Processing Techniques   -   Selection & Sequencing Guide.

The focus of this program is to provide background and guidance regarding a latent fingerprint processing technque's capabilities, applicability, incompatabilities and sequencing in order to guide an examiner in his/her selection of an appropriate technique.

This program is the collaborative efforts of members of the Chesapeake Bay Division - International Association for Identification (CBD-IAI). The information about latent fingerprint processing techniques benefits from the collective wisdom and experience of CBD-IAI member examiners from federal, state and county forensic laboratories.

Although some information is provided, this program does not comprehensively cover other important aspects to the selection of latent fingerprint processing techniques such as safety, quality control, etc. For more detailed information regarding safety, alternative chemical formulations, quality control - quality assurance, chemical disposal and storage issues you are advised to consult the reagent's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), and/or the literary references provided at the bottom of each reagent's page.

The Chesapeake Bay Division of the International Association for Identification (CBD-IAI) makes this program available to all latent print examiners through its Website at http://www.cbdiai.org/ Click on the link in the Menu named "Reagent Selection". This program is one example of the CBD-IAI providing professional guidance and instructional services to the Identification Community.

Any corrections, concerns or suggestions regarding this program may be addressed to:

Alexander Mankevich
Maryland State Police
Forensic Sciences Division - Latent Print Unit
221 Milford Mill Road
Pikesville, Maryland   21208
Tel: 443-357-1506    Fax: 443-357-1500

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