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International Association for Identification   &   I.A.I. Divisions

International Association for Identification
Arizona Identification Council
California Division
Florida Division
Illinois Division
Iowa Division
Kansas Division
Michigan-Ontario Division
Mississippi Division
Nevada Division
New England Division
New Jersey Division
North Carolina Division
Ohio Identification Officers Association
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Wisconsin Division

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Latent Print Technical Information

ACE-V Methodology Excursion
Latent Print Reagents Guide
Ed German's 'On-In' Fingerprint Site
Complete Latent Print Examination
Ridges and Furrows

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I.A.F.I.S. -- Live Scan -- Fingerprints

FBI - C.J.I.S.
Brazoria County - Fingerprinting 1.01

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Crime Scene Investigation Links

The Crime Scene Investigator's Site
International Scene Investigators Association
Crime & Clues - Crime Scene
Gizmos & Gadgets

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Footwear-Tire Track Links

Marks Working Group
Shoeprint Wanted Page - Marks Working Group

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Fingerprint Associations / Societies Links

Canadian Society of Forensic Science
Canadian Identification Society
Forensic Science Society
The Fingerprint Society
Ohio Identification Officers Assoc.
Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers

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Forensic Training and Consulting Links

Blue Ridge Forensic Services
Bodziak Forensics
Ron Smith and Associates, Inc.
Consulting & Education in Forensic Science

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Law Enforcement Agencies Links

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Federal Bureau Of Investigation
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives
United States Secret Service
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner

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Forensic Programs at Colleges    (Chesapeake Bay Region)

Guide to Criminal Justice Degree Programs
The George Washington University
Marshall University
Mountain State University
West Virginia University

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Other Websites of Forensic Interest

Zeno's Forensic Site
Reddy's Forensic Page
American Society of Crime Lab Directors
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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Wanted Persons Websites

Wanted Bank Robbers in Mid-Atlantic region
Wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation
Most Wanted Fugitives - U.S. Secret Service
U.S. Marshals Most Wanted
Wanted by the RCMP
America's Most Wanted

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